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Questions & Answers

Q – What do you mean “my timeshare is title based?”
A - The title based scheme gives the purchaser an undivided interest in the property. All resorts have one week each year reserved for maintenance. Taupo Ika Nui has 28 units in the complex; each purchaser would own at least 1/1428th interest in the property, depending on the number of intervals they own (28 units X 51 weeks). The title deeds can be inherited, gifted, sold or kept for use forever. A Body Corporate Committee is elected annually by the owners to control the management of the resort on behalf of the owners.

Q - What is the annual Maintenance Fees Used For?
A - To help maintain the quality and value of the Resort. Maintenance fees pay for the management of the property, staffing, insurance, on-going refurbishment, and general upkeep of the common areas e.g. owners lounge, swimming pool etc. maintenance fees are paid annually at the start of each year by each timeshare owner.

Q - Who looks after my interests at the Resort?
A - Management at Taupo Ika Nui: An owners committee is elected each year by the owners, this gives the owners a say in respect to the operation management of your resort. The committee is responsible for ensuring maintenance of the resort as well as the establishment of a budget and levy to be paid by each owner as a contribution towards such up keep.

Q – Does the Resort hold and Annual General Meeting?
A – Yes, each year normally towards then end of April, all owners are provided with a full set of audited account for the previous year prior to the AGM.

Q – How far in advance can I book my week’s holiday at Taupo Ika Nui?
A – Confirmed reservations can be made up to 32 weeks prior to the arrival date; however, you can put in your request at any time, we note your request and when the 32 weeks anniversary rolls around we will make your booking and send you a “booking confirmation”.

Q – Do I get to choose the week and unit for my holiday?
A – Yes. All units and weeks are available to owners on a “first come first served basis” so the earlier you book your week the more chance to have of getting the unit and week you would like.

Q – If for some reason I have to cancel my booking, will I lose my week for that year?
A – Not necessarily, booking can be cancelled 1 month prior to you check-in date and you will not lose your week. Cancellations within the month prior to your booking may result in a lost week; we will however endeavour to find someone to use your week so that you can holiday at another time.

Q – The timeshare week is Friday to Friday; can I check-in after the Friday?
A - Check-in time is on Friday between 3.30pm and 6.00pm. You can make arrangements with the resort to arrive outside these hours and your key will be placed in the “late arrival key box” you are then required to come to the office when next open to register. All reservations are for a full week (Friday to Friday) you can check in after Friday and check out before the following Friday, but you must check-out by 9.30am on the Friday of the end of your weeks stay.

Q - Can I send relatives or friends to my unit?
A - Yes. As a timeshare owner you may send relatives or friends to use your timeshare week at your resort. There is no additional charge for this; all we ask is that you advise us of the guest’s names prior to check-in and they bring the booking confirmation with them. However, when you do this, YOU take responsibility for their actions while using the timeshare accommodation. Know your guests well.

Q - Do I have to stay at my home resort each year?
A – No. Once you purchase your timeshare at Taupo Ika Nui, we will enrol you as a member of RCI and DAELive your membership with these exchange companies will give you the opportunity to holiday at anyone of over 5000 timeshare resorts worldwide.

Q – When do I need to spacebank by week by?
A – The earlier the better, you can the look at booking a holiday at another resort.

Q – How do I go about transferring my week into RCI or DAE?
A – As soon as you wish to holiday at another resort you contact Taupo Ika Nui and we will transfer your week for that year over to the exchange company you prefer, we will then send you a “Spacebanking Confirmation” and normally within 1 week you will hear from the exchange company advising you of your 1 week credit.

Q – How long will my credit stay with the exchange company?
A – With RCI it can be called on at any time within 2 years and with DAE it can be called on at any time within 3 years

Q – Can I save up my Exchange Company credits and use them all with 1 year?
A – Yes. You can combine all your credits and take a 2 or 3 weeks holiday at once or use them at separate time of the year.

Q - What is a Bonus Week?
A - Bonus Weeks are weeks that have been Space Banking with an exchange company and are available within 60 days of their check-in date. If there have been no requests to take up these weeks. Rather than let these units go vacant, they are offered to our members as Bonus Weeks. Bonus Weeks become available six weeks prior to the starting date of the week booked. Members simply pay the “Bonus Price” of the week.

Q - Can I use Bonus Weeks for family and friends?
A - Yes — however, when you do this, YOU take responsibility for their actions while using the timeshare accommodation. Know your guests well.

Q - How many Bonus Weeks can I have?
A - You are not limited to the number of Bonus Weeks you can use.

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