Taupo Ika Nui


Taupo Ika Nui Timeshare Resort

64-66 Lake Terrace
Taupo 3330
New Zealand

Phone: +64 7 378 9323
Fax: +64 7 378 9203
: stay@taupoikanui.co.nz

Driving to Taupo Ika Nui

From Auckland to Taupo on State Highway 1 (SH1) is 280km (175miles) and will take about 4 hours. On the way you will go through Hamilton and many interesting country towns. You may enjoy breaking your journey exploring them.

From Wellington to Taupo travelling north on SH1 the distance is 380km (237 miles) and will take about 5 hours. Take your time and enjoy the interesting towns and countryside along the way.

From Rotorua International Airport to Taupo on State Highway 5 (SH5) is only a 45 minute drive.

From Napier to Taupo on SH5 is 143km (90 miles) and will take approximately 2 hours.

Flying into Taupo Airport - From Taupo Airport to Taupo Ika Nui is approximately 4km. There are always taxis to meet incoming flights costing around $25 per fare.

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P.O. Box 75 | 64 / 66 Lake Terrace | Taupo New Zealand
Phone: (07) 378 9323 | Fax: (07) 378 9203

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