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Timeshare Exchange Holidays

Taupo Ika Nui offers the opportunity for a timeshare swap!

How timeshare exchange works

There are two main exchange companies in our part of the world. They are RCI – (Resort Condominiums International) website: www.rci.com and Dial an Exchange website: www.daelive.com. RCI charge a membership fee to belong and Dial an Exchange membership is free; both publish an International Directory that is also available on the Internet. All exchange companies have worldwide links for exchanges outside of our area and either a New Zealand office or a toll-free number for contact.

How does the exchange system work?

To make a timeshare exchange is to “swap” your annual timeshare allocation for somewhere else when you wish to travel to another resort. This is done by a credit/debit system known as “spacebanking”. You ask your resort to deposit your allocation into a pool either with RCI or DAE and you withdraw time when you need it. Weeks may be accumulated up to a maximum of 3 years before using them, this enables you to book multiple in one year. You will pay an exchange fee each time you exchange your week. All companies charge a similar fee (around NZ$125.00) for providing this service.

How can I make the best use of the exchange system?

To get the best possible choice of places to exchange into you need maximum “bargaining power”. This bargaining power comes from the demand for the week that you own in relation to the demand for the week you want to exchange into – the greater the demand for the week you own, the better your choices. Taupo Ika Nui is a first class timeshare resort that is sort after from within New Zealand and worldwide making it very easy to exchange into other resorts.

If you wish to travel and exchange frequently outside of Australia and New Zealand, to Europe or the USA for instance, you will need to make sure that the exchange company of your choice can accommodate your request. Taupo Ika Nui management can help you with this or you can check the details of these organisations via the Internet.


RCI and Interchange have just introduced a “Points Club”, a completely new and flexible system of using your timeshare resort ownership. This enables timeshare owners to use “non-timeshare” holiday products such as cruise ships, mobile homes, rental cars and so on in exchange for the “travel currency value” of their timeshare weeks.

In brief, each resort week is allocated a number of “Points” (or travel currency). The higher the resort rating, the higher the points allocation. These “points” may be “spent” at the various timeshare resorts or at the many RCI and Interchange partners such as Qantas, Avis, Copthorne Hotels, Seaworld, Maui Campers and many others.

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